Food Solutions Intro


Unilever Food Solutions offers catering supplies such as tasty ingredients and recipes that save preparation time in your professional kitchen.

There mission is to seek-out and share the best, no-nonsense culinary tips and tricks on how to make your most popular dishes work even harder. With your help, this page will become a knowledge hub, with helpful tips and exclusive offers on products that you won't find elsewhere – all to help you make your kitchen work more efficiently.


Creating an engaging intro

Create an engaging intro opening to the Unilever Food Solutions video, which will bring consistency to all videos and help differentiate itself from its competitors.

The intro is the first opportunity to introduce the Unilever Food Solutions brand to the viewer and to give them an indication of what to expect from the video.


A dynamic approach

A dynamic approach highlighting the four chefmanship values by using colour and images in a continual flowing style.